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First of all, hope you all had a Happy x'mas+holidays and a Merry new year 
drunk 'motes 

Here's a small "gift" (it's just a wip, but.. well... it's something

Also, if you're in the U.S. + Can, hope you manage to stay safe, warm and healthy Warm you 

Anyways, since i assume most people spent their holidays with family.. i just feel like sharing how my immediate family reacts to my art.....That is, my 'typical' art, which is usually male(s) in perhaps slightly suggestive poses in likely not enough clothing.

My family do get to see my stuff. Since, in my opinion, it's all quite family/child friendly and hardly smut. So whenever they see me next, we usually talk about art i've posted.  

【How my family reacts to my (typical) art】 
Dad: "Too skinny.. are they (both) guys?" O.o 
Mom: *sends me email about gender identity disorder* (seriously. i am not even kidding.)
Brother: "You should draw yaoi" Problem? 

Well.. in all honesty, after the above comments, my dad and brother give me really good + thoughtful constructive criticism. I'm very thankful and lucky. I know my mom is... well no, i don't know. I do know she likes/prefers my non anime-manga work. Which is fine, i wouldn't draw them if i didn't want to anyways. But her reactions are really quite hilarious... and rather indicative of her profession. 

She'll start questioning me; "Why doesn't he have emotion?",  "Why do you only draw guys?", "Why do you like drawing them emotionless and so feminine?" etcetc. 
BTW, "He does! he's feeling "damn, i look cool"", "because i wanted to", "i told you, he's not emotionless,.. but maybe he's just bad at expressing it loudly, and he's manly - got a sixpack :sparklygrin: - PLZ " 

I'm really quite immature, especially with my mom, because it's fun to troll her. Sometime after she digests my art a bit, she will bombard me with a lot of (to me at least,) over-thinking + analyzing. She'll offer an explanation that i draw emotionless guys because i feel people are puppets in society (or something like that). I'm not saying i do or don't feel like this, but when i'm drawing, that's hardly what i'm thinking. And if you're wondering,.. what i'm thinking about when i am drawing male(s) in perhaps slightly suggestive poses in likely not enough clothing, i think you know. Or at least ought to. But no, I'm sorry you're probably wrong, but that doesn't really matter anyhow and waaaay off point... not that there was one though (as the title cleverly foretold). 

And i know a lot of people don't have parents + family that are too supportive, and maybe downright discouraging of their art. ...It sucks. I feel for you. But... keep at it. Improve... they will eventually notice your hard work, skill, creativity, passion and all that pretty stuff. Well.. hopefully. And if they don't, that's too bad that they're missing out of that bit of beauty you're creating. (ooooh~ mushy, it's my emo sleep deprivation talking)

Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Red Bullet; Purple :bulletdarkblue: Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green

Oh yes, i made a  facebook page 
Do with it what you want, there is some more stuff i don't post here or twitter (photos, WIPs, "word art: calligraphy + ambigrams"). 

And should you decide you want to risk getting a restraining order from me, Follow me on twitter tooCome With Me 
(which contains art related stuff - mainly other WIPs+sketches, that are not posted onto dA or fb)

A preview of what you're missing out of RIGHT NOW, that most likely doesn't really help my case:
don't know what happened.. but somehow my mug missed my mouth and i ended up pouring tea on myself. 

Ohk. I have some idea what happened. ...but it's quite embarrassing, so let's pretend i DON'T drink tea to cool myself off from 'thoughts'
 "as suave as a meringue"
"i love that he's right handed."
... Then to stop myself from crying (as people started thinking i was mental) i had to start running images of 1/2naked men through my mind.
surreal cereal.
Horribly appealing no? Piqued your interest? Aroused your curiosity? Feeling insatiable? Left unsatisfied and ravenous?

You must be brimming with questions like "are meringues suave?", "who's this lovely right handed guy?", "I thought people knew you were cray-cray?", "WHICH 1/2 naked men?!!", "WHY ONLY HALF NAKED?!?!?!" :screaming: :nuu: :scream: 

You WANT to know?? 
No... No, no, no, NO! You NEED to know!! Epic La 
    *sidenote of self-reflection: the crazy phrase of sleep depravity.. oddly self-reflective and aware of sleep deprived state of mind :grinstareeyes: 

Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink Bullet; Red Bullet; Purple :bulletdarkblue: Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green

I don't make resolutions, but i do promise i'll try harder to post more. Let's say... i'll try to give you guys at least 3 complete works this year and complete the rest of "lineup". Ugh. I already regret that. 

But i'm actually in the process of drawing ~50 smallish drawings for a company.. i don't think i can share it with you guys here, but maybe i'll post a link to it or something, or i'll livestream me drawing it if anyones really that curious about it. It's... fairly different from male(s) in perhaps slightly--- etcetc. In fact, it's probably all female. Shocking right. Me!OMG ANOTHER SHOCK.  Drawing females!OHGAWDNO.  Oh my!!Shock Emote 

So thanks for sticking around (and reading this), even though i hardly submit anything. I appreciate it, i really do. 
Maybe i'll open up some request slots in the summer. I'll see what i can do. 

Bunny Emoji-09 (Heart) [V1] 

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Bodytemp 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
oh man your art its so beautiful lemme touch it
Tataouin Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow I adore your art~ I want to get more into traditional art myself so I don't have to be stuck to my computer screen all the time~ and also so I can master the traditional mediums! x3

And I totally understand what you mean about couple poses being more dynamic than single person poses~ x3 But it's also easy to get sucked into drawing smut more and more haha! xD
used-rugs Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :hug: While traditional + digital art skills are pretty transferable (apart from paint mediums), the feel is very different.. Pencil to paper is really soothing and i think let's the artist feel better.

.. and yeah, but if i was braver and had more time, i'd definitely be drawing a lot more smut! It's so much more fun Ebil Laugh 
DeusMaisro Feb 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey, I saw you on MyAnimeList and thought you seem cool. I didn't contact you on there though because I'm just using it for recommendations but damn, you've got some really good art. Sooooo, who's your favorite character in One Piece? 
used-rugs Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi ^_^ and thanks! I try not to pick favourite characters in OP because i don't want to hurt their feelings =_= (ok, it sounds weird, but i just can't bring myself to pick).. but it's definitely not wapol or chopper. ..I do like zoro, ace, boa, sanji, luffy and law probably quite a bit more than the others (in no particular order). 
And you?
DeusMaisro Mar 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I like Luffy and Robin the best. Luffy is a dumbass who can turn into a badass at a moments notice and Robin is intelligent, strong and sexy. 
used-rugs Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, usually i don't like such happy-go-lucky characters, but Oda makes Luffy very likeable, and indeed such a badass.. Though i'd have to say Zoro is the epitome of manliness and has a fair share of badassery. 
I do like Robin's sense of humour.. i think it's a bit overlooked. But if I had to pick a OP female, it's definitely Boa Hancock for me :love:
(1 Reply)
DJ990J Feb 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Nice work :thumbsup:
used-rugs Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :hug:
DJ990J Feb 20, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem
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