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Submitted on
June 28, 2013


Sorry to all those who have tried to contact me these last few days. I think I've replied to most of them, I'll recheck later, but I should've gotten to everyone. 

So... I was hospitalized. 

Nothing too serious, though I was sent to the ICU and isolated for 2 days because I also happened to have a fever and I think they wanted to be cautious. Then after I was stabilized they moved me back to the general medical ward for a couple more days. 

Anyways, lesson i took from this is: 
 ★ It's ok to bother people if you're in pain
 ★ When you can't breathe, It's ok to bother people.
 ★ My family apparently thinks I'm not in pain when I'm in pain
 ★ Don't play down not being able to breathe. 

I think the proper diagnosis they put on me was " xxx triggered severe acute asthmatic episode"

The problem is that i've never had and don't have asthma, so i didn't know i was having an 'asthmatic' attack, which i 'suffered' in silence for a good 18hrs before finally deciding that it was really kinda painful and went to the ER, where they rushed me in (usually i have to wait at least 3hrs to see a Dr.), and the Dr.s starting acting pretty panicked. 

Apparently the Drs told my parents I could have died, but then again, the probability that I could die right now or any other day from an alien spaceship hurtling xxx mph towards me is about the same. 
So no, I didn't feel close to death, no white light, tunnel or black hoodie man with scythe. 
I'm not gonna be the stupid non-asthmatic person that died from asthma thank you very much. 

This is just a quick update for now, explaining to anyone who may care why i was gone for a while.
I WILL update this later and include all the fun-ness that is the ICU, but I'm finally home and i wanna catch up on everything. 

Again, Sorry and Thanks for missing me y'all. 
Hope you're all healthy too.

And honestly, I'd be twittering if i was on my deathbed, so if you want to know when i'm actually alive or dead
  --> is the best way to make sure. 

Take care. 

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Um...hi! I hope you a fast recovery ~
Being sick really does suck a lot I wish you well!
You can do it super woman! :iconyeahplz: :3
Air pollution can make people suffer attacks. Allergies. Infections. Many things can do that.

I'm pretty sure getting crushed by a spaceship is a much rarer probability when compared to internal issues:bucktooth:
Plus, I am not sure healthcare options cover being crushed by spaceships.

The good news is you're alive!:happybounce:

It also helps if your paperwork includes that you really don't kid around.  I passed a stone years ago and my file included that a broken arm didn't really bother me too much, so they took me seriously when I said I couldn't tolerate the pain.
KanaKuroDaiya Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, that sounds pretty dangerous. But yeah, it's TOTALLY ok to bother people when you can't breathe for shit. XD Hope they told you what triggered the whole thing, so you can avoid it in the future. Anyway, hope you ok now and 'I'm not gonna be the stupid non-asthmatic person that died from asthma thank you very much' is a brilliant line LOL
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